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Britt Waters Hosting from 94.7 Fresh FM

Host Britt Waters from 94.7 Fresh FM

Britt Waters is a Jersey girl who has become a recognizable face and voice in the nation’s capital through her work as a radio, television and arena host. Whether on-screen or in the community Britt brings laughs, conversation and lots of energy. She is the nightly radio jock on CBS Radio’s 94.7 Fresh FM, a TV host on the DC Cable Network as well as the in-game host for the Washington Mystics (WNBA) and Washington Valor (AFL). Britt has come a long way since her days on the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show. The University of a Maryland alum continues to grow her brand informing and entertaining others. Britt Waters calls her social media the “uncut,” view of her life. Follow her @itsbrittwaters to keep up as she tries to become the city's "bestie." 

Keep up with Britt:   Instagram/Twitter: @itsBrittWaters

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